Sleeve replacement done in minutes, not hours

In 30 minutes or less, sleeve replacement is done. These maintenance shutdowns are up to 6 times faster. Now you can perform maintenance on several valves during the same downtime. You can even schedule maintenance operations ahead of time, which means virtually no down time at all.

Reduce Safety Risks

A host of safety features have been added. But the real gain is what is eliminated. By removing the transportation of heavy loads as well as risky and physically demanding manoeuvres, you drastically reduce the human and financial costs of workplace accidents.

Eliminate 90% of the Maintenance Work

From start to finish, you reduce down time, 90% of the maintenance work, and the number of employees required for the operation.You also eliminate the need to carry the valves around, workshop disassembly and reassembly and your entire valve inventory, quickly saving you both time and money !


THE BREAKTHROUGHOpening mechanism featuring a unique, groundbreaking design

The patented OXO opening mechanism is the first and only technology of its kind in the world that allows the sleeve to be replaced while leaving the entire valve in the pipe. Just imagine the gains in terms of productivity and workplace safety.

For industrial use with abrasion, corrosion and cavitation constraints.

Safety FirstWe’ve Made Maintenance Safer Than Ever

OXO technology opens the way to a new approach to the maintenance of industrial valves. The entire sleeve replacement procedure is now predictable, easy and quick. In addition, special safety features allow the upper part of the frame to be securely held in place, in both open and closed positions.

Safety First

SIMPLICITY = PRODUCTIVITYIncreased Productivity. By Design.

Without ever neglecting operating performance, we have redefined what a productive industrial valve should be during maintenance in terms of its form, structure and features. We have repeated the sleeve replacement procedure from A-Z hundreds of times, which has enabled us to simplify the procedure and pare it down to a few basic manoeuvres.

MAXIMUM STURDINESSVirtually Indestructible Lightweight Aluminum Frame

The use of aluminum in the manufacturing of industrial valves is a revolution in its own right. OXO valves combine unprecedented lightness with an angled profile ensuring sturdiness and mechanical resistance that is equal or above the highest standards, and clearly sufficient to accomplish even the most demanding industrial chores.

The Hidden Innovation!

When you stop and think about it, the price can perhaps be seen as one of our fine innovations. You improve worker productivity and safety like never before, while paying a price that is equivalent to the best valves in the industry. This may seem impossible, but we’ve done it.