About us


To engage in a constant pursuit of innovation in order to design and manufacture industrial valves for which the maintenance operations are performed directly on the pipes, making them safer and more productive at all times.


Productivity goes far beyond the product’s performance. By reducing maintenance costs and increasing workplace safety, an industrial valve can be as productive during down times as when it is in operation. We’ve revolutionized the manner in which valve maintenance is performed in order to bring about significant gains in productivity and safety.

Uncompromising Manufacturing Quality

We have developed a design that drastically reduces industrial valve maintenance costs. Manufacturing quality had to reflect this philosophy. These industrial valves ensure performance levels that meet the requirements of the most demanding industries and durability that will not trigger unscheduled down time.

  • A finished product ratio that is 2.5 times higher than the most stringent industry requirements
  • Quality control across the entire the production line, from the foundry to the final assembly
  • Inspection and testing of every valve before delivery to the customer
  • Rigorous tracking system ensuring compliance in the manufacturing process