An Ultra-light, Ultra-Advanced Frame

Absolutely nothing was overlooked: a frame made of 90% aluminum alloy for maximum lightness; a finished product ratio that is 2.5 times higher than the most stringent industry requirements.

Designed for bullet-proof mechanical resistance

The frame’s angled profile provides structural strength that is capable of withstanding the high pressures and extreme conditions of industrial use.

Release lever

In addition to increased safety when closing the valve, the release lever provides for easy handling of the upper part of the frame during the opening procedure. Everything was designed to make operations easier every step of the way.

Easy sleeve ejection with spacer rods

Spacer rods on the flanges force open a space that is wide enough for the sleeve to easily be removed. You no longer need a complete tool box to extract the worn-out sleeve.

Automatic sleeve ejection system

The simple manoeuvre of lifting the upper part of the frame engages the ejection system. The lower compression bar pushes the sleeve upwards and ejects it from the valve.

Self-locking safety brackets

The safety system located at the rear snaps into position with a simple opening of the valve, preventing it from falling when it is accidently hit or when force is applied.

Tongue-and-Groove Design

A patented tongue-and-groove system makes it easy to install the new sleeve. It serves as a guide for a perfect alignment and prevents the sleeve from moving when the frame is closed.

Ajustment-free compression bars

After the sleeve is changed, the compression bars do not require any adjustment to keep the valves sealed. The parallel position and spacing of the bars remain intact.

Spring-Action locking system

The release lever acts as a safety lock. By lowering the upper section, it automatically snaps into a secure position. The valve can no longer reopen on its own, even if none of the bolts are screwed in.

Even More Resistance Available as an Option

For the harshest industrial environments, additional surface protection (optional) provides the aluminum with extreme resistance to daily conditions ranging from pH 0 to pH14.


PANTENTED SLEEVELight. Resistant. Efficient.

OXO Valve’s patented sleeve guarantees performance and operating longevity that exceed industry standards. Its design and features are unique. It is 2.5 times lighter and a metallic ring fused to the membrane increases resistance to pressure. Grooves at the ends make the sleeve easy to align and insert into the valve’s flanges.

For industrial uses with abrasion, corrosion and cavitation constraints.

Available in the following materials: Natural rubber, Neoprene, Buna N, Viton or any other type (upon request).


Open FrameOpen frame valves
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Closed FrameClosed frame valves
ManualA screw system with a handwheel
AutomaticPneumatic, hydraulic or electric systems